"I was particularly impressed by Dey's ability to zero into my problem areas. I was immediately comfortable and felt great relief from her work. " - C.Y., Arlington, MA

"Dey is my favorite massage therapist! She is very tuned into each area she works on. I never feel that she is on automatic pilot." - L.R. Medford, MA

"My experience with Dey has definitely made a huge difference in my life where I struggle with chronic migraine headaches as well as the more typical information-age related overuse problems. As a result, I have more mobility and less pain. And her music is really great ranging from eclectic piano jazz to classical flute." -R.H., Belmont, MA

"Dey's weekly treatments brought health and humanity to my life when I was going through cancer treatments. She's really well trained, and with an instinct honed by years of practice, hers are not ordinary hands." - C.M., Somerville, MA